Security Training

Global Protection Management is providing all of the training tools our clients and security officers may require for your specific site.

BELOW ARE JUST SOME OF THE PROGRAMS OFFERED TO organizations to provide effective, high quality training, resulting in well-trained security professionals. During the training, students are tested to reinforce learning and ensure comprehension of the learning outcomes. Detailed training records are kept for each student and students receive a certificate upon completion. Here is an outline of each training module:

Introduction to the Security Industry

  • Detect, Deter, Observe and Report
  • Security Industry Jobs
  • Competencies and Other Aspects of Security
  • History of the Security Industry
  • Security Guards and the Public
  • Public Relations

Report Writing

  • Report Writing
  • Types of Reports
  • The Rule of Five Ws and One H
  • The Rules of Notetaking
  • The Substance of Notetaking and Reports
  • The Shape of Reports
  • The Four Cs of Writing

Emergency Situations

  • Emergency Response Preparation
  • Emergency Situations
  • The Anatomy of Fire
  • Stages of Fire
  • Basic Fire Safety
  • Explosive Devices
  • Emergency Response Preparation

Human and Public Relations

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conduct and Deportment
  • Human Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Deportment
  • Empathy and Attitude
  • Rapport building or Relations with Others

Officer Training

The responsibilities of private security officers have greatly expanded since September 11, 2001, creating the need for highly qualified and trained officers. To meet the demand Global Protection Management has designed and developed an aggressive training program that provides Officers with the skills necessary to:

  • Ensure public safety
  • Protect the integrity of our clients

Security License Testing Requirements

All GPM security applicants must successfully pass a written examination presented by the specific State mandate or the GPM in-house training staff.

  • Established categories of testing that reflect responsibilities and qualifications required for a security license sought by GPM officers are met.
  • Applicants are tested on crime and criminal liability, detaining or apprehending, firearms responsibility and liability, and patrol techniques among other topics.

Orientation Class

Employee orientation is designed to reduce first day uneasiness and to bring the employee into the work process as quickly as possible by familiarizing them with their jobs and company operations, policies and procedures.

Orientation session objectives:

  • Instill a positive attitude about GPM
  • Ensure quicker productivity
  • Reduce the likelihood of problems from misunderstandings and misconceptions about company policies
  • Improve communication between employees and management.

Orientation Topics

Administrative Procedures

  • Payroll, absenteeism, disciplinary action
  • Inspections, safety, emergency procedures
  • Responsibilities and relationships with the police


  • Organization reporting - 24 hours
  • Dispatch
  • Serious incident reporting, emergency reporting

Public Relations

  • Appearance, attitude and conduct
  • Communicating with the public
  • Communicating with client representatives
  • Rules and responsibilities
  • Professionalism and courtesy
  • Special care/assistance for handicapped persons

Report Writing

  • Report procedure, log book
  • Daily Officer's Report
  • Irregularity/Incident Report


  • Standard issue
  • Cleaning of uniform
  • Upkeep and appearance requirements