Global Protection Management utilizes a solid recruiting strategy that seeks to employ people who can add value and provide the level of service our clients demand. Each employee goes through a pre-screening process that includes a background check, work history check, criminal background check as well as other pre-employment screening tools that assist in promoting a safer, more productive workplace. GPM successfully recruits employees both part time and full-time security officers and supervisors by offering flexible schedules and growth opportunities. The following is an overview of the steps taken in the hiring of new employees.

Recruiting New Employees

Step Activity
1 Contract is awarded to GPM.
2 Advertising in the classified section of local papers, ethnic newspapers, contact churches, minority chambers, economic development organizations, government sponsored job boards, unemployment agencies.
3 Schedule interviews.
4 Interviews conducted.
5 Screening process completed
6 Formal offer of employment
7 Welcome and orientation meeting with the Division Manager and Project Manager.

Application and Hiring Process

GPM is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All GPM Facility Services employees are adults (at least 18 years of age) hired without regard to race, sex, creed or national origin. Employees are hired only after extensive interviews and screening. They must have an acceptable police record, verifiable work and personal references, and, in the case of student applicants, good academic standing. GPM complies with all local, state and federal regulations regarding compensation, taxes, workmen’s compensation insurance and social security. Our employees are eligible for paid holidays, vacations, dental and medical insurance.

Formal application and interview process conducted at GPM office
Benefits to you:

  • Peace of mind that the employees in your building have been properly screened before they are placed in your building
  • Knowledge that the proper documentation and identification have been collected and reviewed for each employee working in your building
  • Enables us to place the right people in your building to accomplish the tasks required in your building
  • Confirms that each person hired has the proper attitude and the desire to succeed

Reference and work history checks
Benefits to you:

  • Only people who have positive references and a strong work ethic are placed in your building
  • Provides workers with strong characteristics of reliability and punctuality
  • Promotes a better fit and protects the hiring investment by retaining the employee in your building
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Ensures peace of mind that all employees have valid social security numbers

Criminal background checks
Benefits to you:

  • Eliminates criminals from being hired
  • Decreases theft
  • Increases the safety of the workplace
  • Reduces the risk of workplace violence

Drug screening per client request
Benefits to you:

  • Reduces potential liabilities from workers being under the influence of drugs
  • Decreases employee absenteeism
  • Promotes a drug-free workplace

Formal training before entering a client’s building
Benefits to you:

  • Enables employees to perform the job well and efficiently
  • Fewer mistakes are made
  • Proper training which leads to greater productivity

Presenting new hires with a referral incentive program
Benefits to you:

  • Boosts morale and job performance
  • Decreases turnover